Doctrinal Belief


The members of the Martinsville Baptist Tabernacle believe the following doctrines to be basic to our Christian faith and personal walk with God. Please click the link below to read our By-laws in full.

  • The verbal inspiration, total accuracy, and absolute authority of the Bible
  • One God in three Persons, referred to as the Trinity of God
  • The fall of Adam and the resulting depravity of every man
  • The virgin birth of Jesus Christ, His sinless life, and His substitutionary atonement for sinners
  • Justification by grace through faith alone
  • Spiritual growth caused by walking in the Spirit in yielded obedience to the Word of God
  • A literal heaven and a literal hell
  • Separation from all religious apostasy and modernism, and separation from worldly and sinful pleasures and practices

The Bylaws of MBT